Be Safe!

There are a few things I want to discuss to keep LGBTI people and heterosexuals safe. People are being caught making bad decisions (or mistakes) and thus ruining their lives for no reason. Please be aware of the following dangers.


Dating Apps / Social Media:


There are vigilantes and bullies, who aren't law-enforcement, that are entrapping mostly gay and bisexual men to solicit sex from minors when that wasn't their intent from the start. That is a felony and could get you arrested, jail time &/or a fine - or all of those things. It's serious because you will then have to register as a sex offender which could affect where you can live, work, travel, etc. Lewd or Indecent Proposals or Acts to a child under 16 brings a lifetime sex offender registration in Oklahoma and probably something similar in other states. Pedophiles are also known as KOS (Kill on Sight) in jail/prison. You may not make it out alive if you go there.

            The following "Predator Catchers" on YouTube (Predator Poachers, Gotcha Pred, CC Unit, etc. - [check them out]) make a profile on Tinder or Grindr. The Profile initially states that the person you contacted is 18 years old but when you start talking to them, the person states something to the effect: "I hope you aren't mad, but I'm only 14 years old (or another age usually 16 and below). Sometimes the user may just make the bad decision of continuing to talk to the minor. Maybe the user was just curious or thought he would get away with sleeping with a minor so he pursued the person. Or maybe he thought that a minor wouldn't be diseased. However, he should have applied the brakes and stopped any further contact; then reported the "fake minor" so he would get "banned."

            The problem I have with the "Predator Catchers" tactics is that it doesn't seem like a "regular" real-life scenario that a predator would take on the streets. Thus the "Catchers" may have ulterior motives (gay-hating, etc.). They are bringing the "idea" of "a sexual encounter with a minor" into the adult men's head; who weren't on Grindr or Tinder for that reason initially. We have no idea if these men would have molested a child in real life without this nudge in that direction. Some of the men had boyfriends, wives etc. Some of the men were 19 or 22 years old - not much older than a 15 year old. They should have still refrained from the minor, but I can't help but feel bad for them. They just made a bad decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

            The whole ordeal seems like "entrapment" to me, but because they don't make the initial contact, it isn't legally so. The minor agrees to the sexual encounter and meet up. Sometimes the cautious user may say something like: "you are going to destroy my life." The minor may give him false assurance and say that "he won't." The user may send the fake minor nude photos of himself, pictures of his bulge or ask to see the presumed minor's dick, suck his booty, etc. The minor may talk sexually to the adult. The minor is consenting to all or some of this. Sometimes he may say something like: "I don't care about the age." He's trying, and is sometimes luring the adults in.

            After the predator user meets "the Catchers" at Walmart (or some other public place), he is asked to talk to them. There are usually at least three people making up the "Predator Catchers" versus one predator. So there isn't much that one person could do against a gang. They usually give him a mostly bullshit response that the videotaping is for his protection and theirs. The videotaping is "more so" for more evidence than the chat log and will be put online or YouTube for awareness and to get the perpetrator convicted.

            The moral of the story is: Don't fall for this or the decoy's lies. Also, you shouldn't want to mess with someone's kid, who has parents looking out for him/her. A parent will likely not have any mercy on you and you will get caught. Additionally, a kid's brain is still not fully developed and can be easily manipulated. Don't take advantage and thus become a predator by your more knowledge from your age. Find someone 18 years old (or above) so you can live and enjoy your life. I hate seeing LGBTI people and heterosexuals suffering because of this. Think, control yourself, and be moral!





            Two priests were busted having sex in a car in public in Florida. A passerby witness called 911 to report the sex act and an officer approached the car. The officer parked his vehicle and approached the passenger side of the vehicle on foot. He observed Diego Berrio, in the passenger seat, performing oral sex on Edwin Giraldo Cortez, who was seated in the driver's seat. Giraldo's pants were unzipped and his genitals exposed. This was in broad daylight, in full view of the public passing by on Ocean Drive. The car's windows also weren't tinted. The officer knocked on the window to get the priests' attention and they were arrested. They were charged with misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and Giraldo Cortez was also charged with indecent exposure. Additionally, Father Berrio was at least fired from the Archdiocese of Chicago and as for Giraldo Cortez, his home diocese in Columbia had been informed of the situation. and other News outlets have the story posted online.



            Elissa Alvarez and her body-builder boyfriend Jose Caballero were intoxicated and were having sex on a public beach - which was caught on cell phone video. A grandma called the police and said that there were children out here. The couple was charged with the felony of Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition and are now on the national sex offender registry. Her boyfriend went to jail because he had a prior conviction of cocaine trafficking. The story is on YouTube.


            The moral of the story is don't engage in public nudity or sex. You never know if some bystander will call the police and destroy your life instead of just looking away or minding their own business.

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Priests Diego Berrio - 39 (left) and Edwin Giraldo Cortez - 30 (right) were both charged with lewd and lascivious behavior in a rental vehicle (Black Volkswagon Beetle) in Miami, Florida. Cortez was also charged with indecent exposure.